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Welcome to Szklarska Poręba!

Szklarska Poręba Location

Szklarska Poręba, considered to be on of the finest mountain resorts in Poland, is located in the valley of the Kamienna River in the Karkonosze and Izery Mountains. It is a perfect nature getaway. Szklarska Poreba is home to around 7300 residents, and is divided into 3 regions: lower, mid and upper (the largest). Average annual snow cover is 100 days, making it a skiing paradise. Located in the Lower Silesian region of Poland, the town is easily accessible via a car, train or a bus.

For Train schedule go to www.pkp.pl or call 94 36.

For Bus schedule go to www.pks.jgora.pl or call:

  • TP SA 0 300 300 137
  • Dialog 0 708 308 000
  • Mobile 720 81 37

Approximate Distances to Szklarska Poreba:

Approximate Distances to Szklarska Poreba:
Warsaw 474,13 km
Berlin 294,14 km
Wrocław 132,70 km
Poznań 256,61 km
Gdańsk 564,14 km

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